Event & Concert Lighting & Illuminations

MAW SOUND offers full Event & Concert Lighting & Illuminations services for concert, clubs, plays, theme parties, weddings, church events, youth events, kids crusades and more. We offer event and concert lighting packages for indoor or outdoor use, large or small systems, rentals, sales, service and installations, With or without technicians. MAW SOUND offers par cans, frenels, ellipsoidals, lekos, gobos, trackspots, motorlights, spotlights, strobes, blacklights, beacons, lazers, lifts, trussing, trees, controllers, dimmers, cables, power distribution and more. With clients such as Artimus Pyle, Greg X Voltz, Urban disciple, Higher Ground, Sacred Tree, Ransomed Band, I.R.C.S, I.R.B.C, The Strength, Atone, 3R1, Woodlawn Church Of God, Triple C. School, Skinny, R.J.Smith, Kennedy School and Prodigal Productions are just a few who have used our lighting services since 1985.